Maintenance service

The lifecycle of a Durat product can be extended almost endlessly with proper care and maintenance. The finish of Durat products can be easily renewed: scratches and other marks removed. A quick re-polish will make the surface of your Durat look as good as new. 

Scratches can be made to disappear with light sanding and cracks can be filled to make the surface look impeccable.

Durat can offer a long lasting service agreements to ensure a lifelong quality for our products

Please contact Durat for a quote on our maintenance service. 

Recycling service

Durat is 100% recyclable. We can offer to take back all Durat-products and recycle them, 

We will either use the Durat as raw material ingredient to make new Durat material or we can renew and recycle them by fixing them for new users.

At the moment - we can only offer the service in Finland.