Accessible solutions

Great option for accessible environments 

Durat products are the perfect choice for the accessible environments as well.  The custom-made service makes it easy to find stylish solutions that are tailor-made to each particular need. 

Durat has developed together with accessibility specialist Avaava a range of accessible washbasins for toilet and bathroom facilities.

There are two accessible basic washbasin shelves, the EST 100 and the EST 200. In both models, the level and shape of the washbasin can be customized for any site and all Durat colours are available. Colorful guide strips can be made seamless using intarsia technique.  

The shelf can support weight, and it is possible to integrate support handles into it. In addition to the standard washbasin models, it is also possible to manufacture special customized washbasins. 

All the Durat washbins can be lowered for the better accessibility with wheel chair.